North Church of Rockmart



About Us

North Church exists to be a living example of the hope and life, that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

At our church,

Jesus is the foundation.
Every aspect of North Church is built on the foundation of Christ and His word.
Christ is the beginning and end of our existence, and the reason that we exist as a body of believers.

We love God.
We were made to love God, and through our love for God, we are called to love people.

We love people.
Our love for people is a direct reflection of God’s love for us. We are called to love people regardless of gender, color, or any other difference that may exist between us.

We function as one body.
We value each and every member of North Church, and believe that each person has a role in the growth of North and the Kingdom of God.

We embrace growth.
Although we praise God for each milestone, we never find complacency to be an option.

We want to be labeled.
We want North Church to be known as a place that anyone can find refuge, hope, and salvation in Christ.

We live to make Christ known.
The entire existence of North Church is to make Christ known. We live, we love, and we grow with one goal in mind, and that is that world may see Christ through us.

This is our Church.

#GoNorth #LoveGodLovePeople